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  • ARK CRYSTAL_ISLES​ Map Trailer:

  • Diese Mod`s sind auf dem Server Instaliert! - ( Last update Mod`s & Server: Sa. 11 Juli )

  • eco's Primordial Saddles:
    Craft primeval saddles for your Tribe's best creatures to help survive the unforgiving lands.
    Upgrade your Primitive Tribe Saddles to Ascendant by collecting trophies from other dinos!

  • RR-HomeDeko and more!:
    With this Mod you can Build a lot of Homedeco.
    Mod works with The Island, Scorched Earth,Ragnarok, The Center, Aberration, Extincion, Valguero and Genesis DCL.

  • Ultra Stacks:
    If you are not adding Ultra Stacks to a new server, players may have to relearn their engrams before
    the stacking changes take effect. This issue will not occur if you are adding Ultra Stacks to a new or wiped server.

  • Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.2):
    This mod provides a personal Gravestone that will help you recover your lost items (from death).
    Craft and place your personal Gravestone to use after you have died. I recommend placing it within a reasonable proximity to a bed.
    Tribes can arrange these in a Graveyard fashion. Each stone can only be used by the person that placed it.

  • Dino Bars:
    Fügt Lebens- und Betäubungs-Balken zu Dinos hinzu
    Die Hintergrundfarbe beim Level zeigt an, ob es ein wildes (gelb), gezähmtes (grün) oder ein Boss-Dino (rot) ist.
    Einstellbare maximale Distanz, Anzeige-Grösse, Nummern-Formate und Transparenz
    Speichert und lädt die vom Benutzer vorgenommenen Einstellungen für das nächste Spiel

  • Arkaley Musicbox:
    Time to Dance in this rough World of Ark
    The Arkaley Musicbox provides some fancy Tunes and decorative Elements for your Ark home.
    It comes with 10 Musicgenres, each with its own Playlist.
    Or just make a Shuffle Play of all the Songs in the Box

  • Best Eggs:
    Egg Incubation
    Auto Gather Eggs, ignores eggs at 1% if incubation enabled
    Best Egg Maker Paint Support, Color Regions 1 and 5, Region 5 modifies color of visual fx
    Gestation Eggs -many- config options added

  • Tiias Color Scanner:
    wonderful black turns out to be "near black" or even "dark grey"?
    You got a mutation on a baby animal and you quite can\\\'t figure out which shade of purple little Rex Jr. got?
    This spyglass will give you the color codes and names out before you even tame them
    Don\\\'t waste anymore tranqs on colors you don\\\'t want.

  • Awesome SpyGlass:
    Like a regular SpyGlass, except Awesomer!
    - Works on...- Dinos- Players- Structures- Eggs- Loot- Supply Drops- And more
    - Shows a bunch of relevant information for the current targe
    - Has lots of player customizable options

  • Structures Plus (Open Source):
    - No building height limit - Foundations are stackable
    Ceilings snap flush with foundations - Crop plots snap to foundations and ceilings
    - Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge)
    and more and more and more.......

  • Unlock Haircuts and Emotes:
    Craftable "Unlock Hairstyles" and "Unlock Emotes" consumable items that unlock all hairstyles and emotes.
    Craftable "Hair Tonic" that can be used to instantly regrow hair.
    Craftable "Styling Gel" that can lock your hair in place, preventing hair growth.
    Craftable "Flint Razor" that allows players to cut their own hair in early game (does not produce usable Human Hair)

  • RP Visual Storage
    47 (and counting) resource specific storage containers.
    6 generic item storage boxes for all the odds and ends.
    Weapon cabinet to visually display your guns and weapons.
    Tool rack to visually display your tools. And more and more.....

  • Survival Drop
    What does this mod do?
    It changes the spawn point behaviour from waking up on a beach to parachuting in from high
    above the map. The chute will open at a minimum distance from the ground, but you can press
    the R key at any time before then to open your chute.